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You had an idea
   long ago
It was really good
   but you didn't know

You had a busy life
   it was set aside
Never saw the light
   and was out of mind

Facing all your foes
   just like bros
We all wait our turn
   to hurt and to learn

Years down he hole
   the heart heats the stove
As you brewed the dream
   into something gold

Keep your hands greased
   Give love to the seeds
You're wish has been born
   Creator's Release!

fires are burning
the old buildings down
a light and a warning
to seek higher ground

we're feeding on fears
while the earth is starved
to keep pounding gears
and get our names carved

the silence will pass
a soul on the scale
holding just the ash
our truth unveiled

Throbbing thoughts
of cold robots
because we lost 
against the Rot

The deadline has past
and a new year has come
We've waited for paths
and "the way" to be shown
Some try to be still
while others must stir
There's only one Life
one love, and one Earth
Take care, my good friends
of all within reach
Share gifts and lend hands
to the poor and the meek
Give thanks and prepare
for hard times and loss
Have health, be aware
and smooth out the flaws.

Just because it's not Violet
doesn't mean it's Red
And something without Life
is not really Dead
How can you be sure
which color is pure?

My words may read silent
but the message is HEARD.


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